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Eve API Administrative Contact


Requests to the EVE API need to have an administrative contact email set before SeAT will queue jobs to process. CCP made the request in this Github issue. To address this, the email address is added to the User-Agent string that is used when making EVE API requests as can be seen eveseat/eveapi:Helpers/PhealSetup#L77.


The error Failed to queue due to default config is generated by eveseat/eveapi:Traits/JobManager#L47-L56 check. In order for this check to pass, you need to configure the administrative email address in the SeAT configuration.


Adding the email address can be done in two ways. Wither via the command line or via the Web interface.

Web interface

The other method to change the admin email is via the web interface. You need to be logged in with a user that has the superuser role. Typically, if the email address is not set, you may notice the following warning on the home page:

seat default email warning

To configure it, browse to Configuration -> SeAT Settings from the side menu, and set the email in the Administrator Email field.

seat webui email config

Command line

The command php artisan seat:admin:email will prompt you to add a valid email address for the administrative contact:


seat admin email