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Email Setup - Using Mailgun


SeAT requires email to be setup to allow for things like notifications to be sent. This guide will attempt to describe how to go about setting up your email using the Mailgun service. Though Mailgun is a commercial service, you get to send 10k emails for free per month. It also provides epic stats for you to track emails with etc.

The config

As with anything Laravel, the config for mailgun will live in your installs .env file. To use the Mailgun driver, first set the MAIL_DRIVER option in your .env configuration file to mailgun. Next, we will add two options to specify details about our mailgun account.

// File: .env


To find out the values you need to populate, login to your mailgun account and browse to the domains section. Pick the applicable domain name. The screen you will see should looks something similar to this:

Mailgun Domain

The big title (sandbox1XXXXXXX in my case) is the domain name, and the field titled API Key is the MAILGUN_SECRET.

Done! To test, you can add some mail notification using the Integrations and Notification groups.