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Community Packages

Below is a list of packages contributed by the community. These packages normally follow the same installation procedure, however, its best you consult the documentation of the package itself in case there is anything special you need to get it working.

Generic package installation

Packages will normally come in the form of a composer package that you need to include in your SeAT install, as well as a Service Provider that you need to bootstrap. So, generically speaking, installing a package will mean that you:

  • Ensure that you are in the path where you installed. By default this should be /var/www/seat.

  • Put your application into maintenance mode. This will ensure that no request from the outside will hit your applications logic, and also help you perform an upgrade uninterrupted. Do this with:

php artisan down
  • Require the package via composer:
composer require <package vendor>/<package-name>
  • Publish the assets with artisan:
php artisan vendor:publish --force --all
  • Run migration in order to update database:
php artisan migrate
  • Clear SeAT cache after installation:
php artisan seat:cache:clear
  • Bring your application live and back out of maintenance mode:
php artisan up

Installing packages like this will ensure that none of the core SeAT packages are affected and you should be free to upgrade SeAT core at anytime.

Docker package installation

Applying community packages to your SeAT instance with Docker requires you to update your .env file located in /opt/seat-docker and uncommenting SEAT_PLUGINS by removing '#' and entering the package(s) to be installed separating each package with a comma. An example of how to enter packages in your .env would be:

# SeAT Plugins
# This is a list of the all of the third party plugins that you
# would like to install as part of SeAT. Package names should be
# comma seperated if multiple packages should be installed.

  • Once you have entered the package(s) to be installed run the below command in /opt/seat-docker:
docker-compose up -d

After running the above command wait for containers affected to rebuild. If SeAT does not come back up refer to Troubleshooting for more insight.

Package list

SeAT specific packages

Maintained packages

Package Version Description
denngarr/seat-fitting Latest Stable Version Module to check fittings per character
denngarr/seat-srp Latest Stable Version A module for SeAT that tracks SRP requests
kassie/calendar Latest Stable Version Calendar plugin
warlof/seat-connector Latest Stable Version A generic connector module that handles invites and roles management with any registered platform
warlof/seat-discord-connector Latest Stable Version A Discord driver to be used with seat-connector
warlof/seat-teamspeak Latest Stable Version A Teamspeak driver to be used with seat-connector
cryptaeve/seat-squad-sync Latest Stable Version Adds the ability to sync squad members into filters of permissions
cryptaeve/seat-text Latest Stable Version A module to serve public static ascii, with editing access controlled by seat

Incompatible packages with current stable SeAT version

Package Version Description
denngarr/seat-billing Latest Stable Version A billing module to help you with ore and rating taxes (Looking for a new maintainer)
flyingferret/seat-whtools Latest Stable Version A small collection of tools for helping with Wh-Life corporation management, including calculating doctrine stocking levels (based on contracts and denngarr/seat-fitting plugin), a blue loot tax calculator, and a skill base certificate management. Currently very much a work in progress.
warlof/slackbot Latest Stable Version A slack bot that handles invites and kicks based on an api key

Deprecated packages

Package Version Description
eve-scout/eveseat-oauth2-server Latest Stable Version This EVE SeAT package enables an OAuth2 server for Single sign-on.
freedenizen/eveseat-notes Latest Stable Version A notes addon for seat 1.x
herpaderpaldent/seat-discourse Latest Stable Version SeAT Discourse enables SeAT to act as SSO provider for your Discourse-Forum instance. Groups and Categories do respect roles of members. With this package you can create hidden sections for your member and public sections for potential recruits to which members get automatically access to. Important: Check installation instructions on Github.
herpaderpaldent/seat-groups Latest Stable Version Module to create auto, open and managed role groups to which user can be automatically be assigned, user can opt-in or user can apply to.
herpaderpaldent/seat-notifications Latest Stable Version This is a fully functional notification package for discord and slack notifications. This package is very easily extendable by other packages and should replace core notifications at some point. Currently seat-groups provide many useful notifications. Notifications are send out by slack or discord bot and uses twice a full oAuth2 authentication of the user.
warlof/seat-migrator Latest Stable Version A migration script between SeAT 2 and SeAT 3
warlof/seat-slack-sso Latest Stable Version Slack SSO integration for seat 2.x
warlof/eveseat-mining-ledger Latest Stable Version ESI capability that provides a mining ledger to SeAT 2.x


Packages in this section are provided as history and idea database. They will not work on the stable version since they are non longer maintained by their author or have been integrated in core.