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Admin Login

SeAT is heavily relaying on EVE Online Single Sign-On to authenticate user. However, it's also shipped with a built-in administrator user.

You need an admin account in order to do certain tasks like configuring your instances, roles, squads, etc...

In order to authenticate with built-in admin user, use command disclosed bellow (choose your context).

cd /opt/seat-docker
docker-compose exec seat-web php artisan seat:admin:login
cd /opt/seat-docker
docker-compose exec front php artisan seat:admin:login
sudo -H -u www-data bash -c 'php /var/www/seat/artisan seat:admin:login'

You'll get a link after the command has finished running, which looks similar to the one bellow:

SeAT Admin Login URL Generator
User 'admin' does not exist. It will be created.
Checking if 'admin' is a super user
Adding 'admin' to the Superuser role
Generating authentication token

Your authentication URL is valid for 60 seconds.

Copy it and paste it inside your browser, and you will be authenticated as the built-in admin account.


You can define a standard user account as an administrator from the user card. To do so, go into Settings > Users, search the user which need to be upgraded and clic on the edit button. On the displaying card, check Administrator and confirm change using edit button.


If you have not configured the APP_URL setting in the .env file, then the admin url will be generated for localhost. This is most likely incorrect and you can simply replace localhost with your server IP address or domain name.